Web Site Monitoring

A-Team Systems offers fully interactive web site checks featuring content checking at two levels:

Basic Content Checking

We can monitor key pages for specific text strings to ensure your site is functioning at a basic level.  Suggested content monitoring pages include:

  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • Login page (if applicable)

Some things to keep in mind for this type of testing:

  • These checks are conducted once every 60 seconds, for each front and back end server.  This means for a dual proxy, dual back end web server setup there will be potentially four hits on each monitored page every 60 seconds.  If you have an Enterprise ServerCare plan (with 24x7 response) this number can increase by one or two more due to external page-out monitoring.
  • Due the above amount of activity avoid monitoring load-intensive pages.

Note: If you change anything on a monitored page that affects the test strings A-Team is monitoring for you must notify us 4 business hours in advance. False alarms without prior notification are billable.

Interactive Logins

You also have the option of providing us with a username and password to a test account for your application (if applicable) which will allow us to ensure that the application is truly functional and not just working at a superficial level while broken for real use by users.

Aside from the "Some things to keep in mind" list from the above basic Basic Content Checking section, these additional considerations apply as well:

  • Check content for items which are derived from database or other "real world" queries to ensure full testing.
  • Do not use a real account that could have it's username or password changed.
  • Do not content check on items they may change due to external factors.
  • Bare in mind the testing frequency and concurrency noted above in the Basic Content Checking section since it applies to logins as well.

Once setup we can add additional content checks for pages which are behind the login system to deliver complete monitoring coverage for your application.