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Load Balancer Error Pages

When the load balancer (NginX) cannot serve a page it has no choice but to return it's own error page to the user, typically looking something like this:

Customizing this error page to be more consistent with the site you're serving can not only be more ascetically pleasing but also contain support information for the end user, for example:


How To Make A Custom Error Page

A-Team Systems lets you customize this page any way you wish, in the form of a single HTML file and static resources (ie; images).  Keep the following in mind:

  • This has to be purely static resources such as HTML, JavaScript, and images.  PHP, Python and other high level languages are not available since this condition means the back end servers (which run your application) are not available.
  • Keep it small.  It's possible that lots of these pages will need to be served if the server is being overloaded or DoSed.
  • Remember your audience: If your app is mobile friendly be sure to make this page responsive as well.
  • Consider including support information or a link.

Simply send us a zip file with the resources and we'll integrate them into the load balancer system for you.