Email Configuration Guide

This information is provided to assist you with configuring your mail client or mobile device to use your A-Team System powered IMAP+Webmail account.

Note for Thunderbird users: We fully support auto-configure in Thunderbird, all you need to do is enter your name, email address and password when prompted and it will take care of the rest.

Incoming Mail Server Configuration

We recommend using IMAP4! This is especially true if you are going to access email from more than one computer or mobile device (and/or web mail). IMAP4 keeps your messages and folders on the server so all of your devices can access them in real-time:
Protocol: IMAP4 /w SSL
TCP Port: 993
Unless you have a specific technical need for POP3 use IMAP4 instead! If you are absolutely sure you want it, here are the POP3 configuration details:
Protocol: POP3 /w SSL
TCP Port: 995

Outgoing Mail Server Configuration

Authentication is required to send, use same username and password as incoming.
Protocol: SMTP /w SSL
TCP Port: 465

Web Mail, Account & Spam Settings

You can manage your account including changing your password and adjusting your spam settings via the webmail interface. This interface also provides you with full "anywhere-access" to your mailbox (including saved mail), contacts and caledaring.

Log in with your email address and password: